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Rolls Surrette 6CS27P Solar Battery
Rolls Surrette 6CS27P Solar Battery


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The Rolls Surrette 6CS27P (6-CS-27P) is a 6 volt battery rated at 1,259 amp Hrs. @100 Hr. rate or 893 amp Hrs. @20 Hr. rate. This battery is a very high capacity battery with New Generation series 5000 advantages and features. Dual case, replaceable cells, small foot print and an expected life of over 10 years (depending on maintenance and application). This battery is a quantum leap from the performance and longevity provided by golf cart and L-16 floor scrubber types. Flag terminals provide a secure cable connection.

The warranty for the Rolls 6CS27P (6-CS-27P) battery is ten (10) years. The first 36 months are full replacement. The next 84 months are prorated.

This is a serious battery for large systems offering performance over a long service life.

For a single string 1,259 AH Bank @100 Hr. rate, you will need 2 of the 6CS27P (6-CS27P) for a 12 Volt system, 4 of the 6CS27P (6-CS-27P) for a 24 Volt system and 8 of the 6CS27P (6-CS-27P) for a 48 Volt system. Each additional string will multiply the AH.

Real world expectations: The Rolls Surrette 6CS27P (6-CS-27P) will support a 25 amp load for 29 hours!

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