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The temperature sensor measures temperature from -20C to 65C (-4F to 150F) and it is attached to the PM-5000-U Pentametric input unit. The PMU will show temperature either in C or F degrees and that can be set over the computer interface PM-5000-U can be programmed with. The PMU will keep up to 4 month of temperature records.

PentaMetric Battery System Components:-
PM-5000-U PentaMetric input unit (must be ordered separate),
PM-100-D PentaMetric display unit (must be ordered separate),
PM-100-CE Ethernet interface for the monitoring system (must be ordered separate),
PM-102-C-USB USB computer interface (must be ordered separate),
PM-100-C-RS232 RS232 Computer interface (we are here),
Shunt: SHUNT MKB-500-50 or/and SHUNT MKB-100-100 (must be ordered separate),
TS -1 PentaMetric Temperature Sensor (must be ordered separate),
Wire 22 AWG 8 Conductor (must be ordered separate),

General Specifications:-

Basic measurements of PentaMetric Battery System:-

2 voltage channels: 8-100 volts. (For example you can monitor volts from two battery systems),
3 amperage channels ±.01-200 amps (with 100A/100mV shunt). ± 0.1-1000 amps (with 500A/50mV or 1000A/10mV shunt). Each of these requires a separate shunt similar to the measurement channels intake values mentioned above.,
Temperature -20 to +65 degrees C.,

Secondary measurements:-

Amp-hour (3 channels): to ±83,000 amp-hours,
Cumulative (negative) battery amp-hours (2 channels),
Smoothed (time filtered) amps,
Volts (2 channels): 0-100 volts,
Watts (2 channels) ±.01- 20,000 watts,
Watt-hours (2 channels) ±21,000 kilowatt hours,
Battery % full (2 channels) 0-100%,
Days since batteries charged (2 channels) .01-250 days,
Days since batteries equalized (2 channels) .01-250 days,

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